Please tell Frank the math scores and thank you both so so much for all of your help. This class really helped me get the scores that I always wanted on this test.”
-6th grade student


Conceived over ten years ago, representing years of design and development, EduCAD™ has a patented* algorithmetic, adaptive approach to web-based Socratic tutoring. It has been stress-tested by thousands of students over a five-year period. It ascertains the students’ weaknesses with respect to knowledge and process and remedies the deficiencies utilizing an individualized step-by-step approach.



When students sign up for the comprehensive 12-week ISEE course, they receive a password to their Student Dashboard with access to EduCAD. This tool assesses their knowledge of mathematics fundamentals, pin-points weaknesses, and then teaches those concepts. Parents have the ability to monitor students’ work.


Students who register early can take advantage of the summer months to solidify their understanding of fractions, decimals, percents and other basics so that during the 12-weeks of the course, they are focused entirely on the more complex concepts.

Renaissance Kids is also increasingly using EduCAD in ERB test preparation.