I felt prepared for the ISEE,
and felt confident during the test.”
-6th grade student

Your online tools are wonderful. XXXXX and I have both used our respective functions, which were easy to use and helped me to monitor her progress. I am happy that she is in your program.”


A revolutionary web-based product unlike anything on the market today, Foundations™ directly targets the issues raised by the ISEE. Diagnostic sessions utilize algorithms based on relevance and difficulty of the subject matter, the results of which, feed into structured practice sessions.


Where EduCAD provides assessment and teaching tools for math fundamentals, Foundations™ provides practice and support for concepts taught during our ISEE Test Preparation course and mixes review with timed problem sets. By moving the “homework” portion of the course online, we have the ability to monitor not only the accuracy of the student’s work, but also to determine issues with time management.