It’s been a long ride, but it’s now over, and we know where XXXXX is going to be at boarding school next year. This is due in no small part to you and the rest of Renaissance Kids, and the great program that you have. I am writing to thank you for it, and for all your help along the months of preparation.

XXXXX actually, was accepted by all of the schools that she applied to. They were: Exeter, Andover, Hotchkiss, Deerfield, St Paul’s and Choate.

As I said earlier, this success is, in part, thanks to your and Frank’s help to XXXX and myself in the process, and we are very, very grateful to you for it. We are all excited about XXXXX decision to go to XXXXX. Thanks again, Anna!”
-8th grade parent

Online education

We now offer online tutoring for ISEE test preparation and some individual SAT preparation. Online education allows each and every student to have a seat in the front of the class. Through our experimentation, we have found that many students who had trouble concentrating in a traditional class focused better during these online sessions and enjoyed working from the comfort of their home.

For our group ISEE and Pathway to Honors classes, we use the premiere meeting software from Cisco, which allows students to see, to chat and to speak with the teacher as well as to read documents and presentations shared by the teacher. Our teachers are outfitted with a Wacom tablet that allows them to demonstrate solutions to problems online.

The online course uses live interaction through online group classes as well as these other computer-based components to create a comprehensive curriculum. We will also be supplementing the online curriculum with a paper-based workbook.


  • A stable, strong cable or DSL internet connection, preferably connected via cable. Wireless works but is less stable.
  • Computer with a microphone.
  • Headphones.
  • A quiet space with no background noise.
  • Optional: A writing tablet that allows the student to complete problems online.