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for maximizing your child's ISEE scores.

Dear Anna, Danielle and Frank:
A huge thanks from a very happy family! XXXXX scored a 9 on the stanine in all subjects of the ISEE with a percentile of 98% overall. How smart of us to trust you and the excellent preparation Renaissance Kids gave to our son. THANK YOU and happy new year!!!

Anna- I did AMAZING on my ISEE!!!!!!!!!!”

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me through the whole ISEE process, and helping me raise my scores. I'm so happy!”

Just wanted to let you know that I just got my acceptance to Harvard Westlake!!!! Thank you so much for helping me through the whole ISEE process.”

...was admitted to Harvard-Westlake today. Thank you to you and Frank for preparing him for this day.”

Well, we were one of the folks who could wait a few days for our scores, and it was worth the wait.
WOW! Go XXXXX!!! Thank you Anna!
Go Renaissance-”

Thank you for your e-mail and for providing us twice with an incredible prep course for the ISEE's. XXXXXXX applied to Viewpoint and Harvard Westlake and was accepted at both. She will be attending Harvard-Westlake in the fall. Thank you again for everything.”

Dearest Anna and Frank,
Wow. The ISEE was a lot easier than I expected. Renaissance helped me so much.
-7th Grader

Spring Classes begin May 17th
Summer Classes begin June 11
Fall Classes begin August 22nd

The testimonials on our website are only a small fraction of Renaissance Kids‘ success stories. Renaissance Kids has prepared over 6000 students for the ISEE since 1991. Our students have come from elementary schools across the world and have been accepted to schools such as Andover, Exeter, Harvard-Westlake, Marlborough, Buckley, Oakwood, Brentwood, Crossroads, Marymount, Archer, Notre Dame, Campbell Hall, Viewpoint, Wildwood, Windward, and Loyola.

It‘s true that some children are “natural” test-takers but great test-taking skills can be learned, old habits changed, and new ones reinforced. Give your child a set of tools that will work for his or her entire academic career.


Tuition includes custom study materials, created by Renaissance Kids.

Foundations & EduCAD

Unlike most tutoring and test preparation companies, Renaissance Kids has built an internal technology company that allows us to give our students the cutting edge in computerized learning tools.


Together, Foundations & EduCAD provide an essential advantage in reaching the scores required to attend the most competitive schools.

Foundations & EduCAD are a central part of what makes Renaissance Kids ISEE Preparation so effective and successful year after year.

2019 Schedule

The group preparatory program for the Independent School Entrance Examinations begins May 17, 2019. Private sessions are available year-round.

What is the ISEE?

The Independent School Entrance Exam is a standardized test offered by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) for students applying to private secondary schools. If your child is planning on changing schools, he/she will likely be taking the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE).

We are dedicated to providing the absolute best test preparation. Our comprehensive 10-week course is offered for both group and private instruction.

ISEE Fall Group Class
12 sessions (10 instructional, 2 practice exams)
Each 2-3 hour class meets once a week.
Choose from Lower Level(4th and 5th grade), Middle Level (6th and 7th grade) or Upper Level (8th and 9th grade) curriculum.

Our 12-session course provides:

  • An introductory group parent meeting
  • Two 3 1/2 hour full-length practice exams
  • 10 INSTRUCTIONAL SESSIONS CONSISTING OF 24 HOURS OF COURSEWORK: 3 hours per session for weeks 1-3 and 10, 2 hours per session for weeks 4-9
  • All course materials, including the Renaissance Kids ISEE Workbook
  • A password-protected account for the student to practice the ISEE materials online through our EduCAD and Foundations computer component.
  • A separate password-protected account for the parents to monitor their student’s progress real-time
  • Experienced teachers with extensive in-house training.

Practice Exams

We administer two full-length practice exams over the course of the class in a simulated exam environment. The first exam is given as a diagnostic and the second exam is administered during the final weeks of the course.*

*Note: To maintain the integrity of our testing, Renaissance Kids, Inc. cannot release copies of the practice exams.

Renaissance Kids offers 4 ways to Master the ISEE:

Group Classes at Renaissance Kids
Are small in size, cost effective and result-oriented.
Online Group Classes
Provide the same proven teacher-led curriculum delivered over the web, right to your home.
One-on-One at Renaissance Kids
Provides flexible and comprehensive ISEE preparation with all the benefits of individual attention.
Online One-on-One Sessions
Offer individual attention with at-home convenience.

Whichever option you choose, Renaissance Kids provides 25+ years of ISEE preparation experience and our unique patented computer technology.

Join the Renaissance Kids’ Test Prep Club!

Students who enroll in one of our Fall ISEE preparation courses are invited to attend our FREE and OPTIONAL Day after Thanksgiving Math-a-thon (a Renaissance Kids Tradition!) and our FREE and OPTIONAL online Concept Review sessions on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enroll early and enjoy access to Concept Review sessions months before the Fall classes begin! We offer one Test Prep Club session per month January through August.

Online Concept Sessions* are limited in size and held throughout the semester. Enrollment is by email only two days prior to each class. To avoid cancellations and wasted spaces, we cannot open registration for each class any earlier. Dates for upcoming Concept Sessions are always listed on our Twitter (@Rkids) and Facebook ( pages.

*Online review sessions are taught via an online conference software. Please see Technical Requirements for more details.

ISEE Online

We now offer online tutoring for ISEE test preparation and some individual subject tutoring. Online education allows each and every student to have a seat in the front of the class. Through our experimentation, we have found that many students who have had trouble concentrating in a traditional class focused better during these online sessions.

For our Pathway and ISEE classes, we use the premiere meeting software from Cisco, which allows students to see, to chat and to speak with the teacher as well as to read documents and presentations shared by the teacher. Our teachers are outfitted with a Wacom tablet that allows them to demonstrate solutions to problems online.